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Introduction to Technology

Technology is a general term that refers to a collection of human activities and techniques developed over time. Technological change is a product of mankind’s ability to innovate, build, test, and use new tools and information systems. The process of innovation and change can be affected by governments, the market, technology, cultural norms, and other factors. There are many different types of technological systems, including computer systems, transportation systems, communication systems, and non-technological systems. It has become necessary for organizations to adapt to changing technologies in order to remain competitive in business and to effectively compete in today’s global economy.

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Technology is a blend of human effort, technology, and knowledge and is a complex system. In other words, technology is the total sum of human skills, abilities, processes, and practices utilized in the achievement of particular goals, including scientific research or the development of new products. Some examples of technology include telecommunications, computer networks, transportation systems, information technology, digital and computer sciences, medical science, and engineering technology. The scope of technology is constantly growing as it creates new knowledge and uses new techniques and tools to advance human understanding and productivity. This growth and development in technology affect all facets of life, including education, industry, government, and society in general.


Technological change and innovation are necessary for progress. It is important for people to accept the changes that technology brings to the world, including changing patterns of social behavior, the way products and services are delivered, and the impact of technology on society. Change is part of life and is expected. Changing cultural norms and the creation of a consumer culture, which entails an enhanced sense of individualism, has increased the need to participate in these changes. However, acceptance of the change will require a large commitment on the part of people.

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