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Can You Live Without Technology?

If you have lived a regular life with no technology in it, then you probably think that you can live a normal life without any of the exciting and wonderful things that technology offers. You would probably believe that all the excitement of technology is a part of our modern lifestyle. But would you be right? Can you really live a life without technology? That depends on what kind of technology you are talking about.

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If you want to live without technology then it means that you don’t use any of the amazing things that are now available to you in one hand, or in any other hand for that matter. You probably use one or more of your hands to do most of the things that you do every day. If you are able to manage without the use of technology then you probably don’t have to ask the question can you live without technology, because the answer would be a resounding “no”. There is just too much technology around that most people don’t realize how much they have to do without.

Even if you can’t live without a computer and all the other crazy gadgets that are on the market today, that doesn’t mean that you can’t live without the physical world that is around us. Most of us are more physically present than we are mentally. It’s hard to imagine going back into a physical world without ever using a cellular phone, but it is possible if you don’t use complicated technology in your home or on your mobile devices.

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