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Is Technology Good Or Bad?

Digital technology & youth mental health. Part 1: Is technology good or bad? | August

Technology has become an integral part of life. With many people being connected to the internet it is not surprising that there would be a heightened interest in technology as something to be embraced. The use of technology in today’s society has brought with it many benefits. However, the use of technology can also have negative impacts if not used properly. Is technology good or bad?


The use of technology in our daily lives has allowed us to communicate instantly with each other, go online for research or information, create and share pictures and videos, and watch films. Technology has been used in every aspect of our lives from when we were children learning basic facts by rote, to when we mastered that knowledge and entered into the business world and became the dominant player. Now as technology becomes more common throughout schools and communities, it is impacting the younger generation differently. The fact is that children today are experiencing technology differently than their parents and grandparents.


While technology is good because it allows us to connect to others and to share information, technology has also taken away some of the human contact that is so common in modern society. While it may have taken away some of the human interaction, it is also necessary in today’s world. In fact, some businesses and schools are actively encouraging their students to learn how to use technology to their advantage. Is technology good or bad? It is a question that is up to each person to answer for themselves.

With a pioneering spirit, tech can be a force for social good - Verdict

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